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We are uniquely qualified to apply to your business the best practices learned from 2 decades of in-house counsel experience with Fortune 500 companies. Our firm specializes in legal consultation and advice to the Engineering and Construction industry whether represented by Owners or Contractors.  Our attorneys have prior actual hands-on engineering and construction management experience on very complex mega size US and International projects in the Power and Oil & Gas industry. Our practice also caters to all aspects of Real Estate investments and to Project lenders.  

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. We provide professional legal talent and exceptional value at competitive rates. 

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Areas of Practice

Engineering, Procurement, Construction Contracts

Whether you are an Owner developing a project or a Contractor involved in the engineering, procurement and/or construction of the project, our firm has the depth and breadth to negotiate on your behalf the right transaction that reflects an appropriate risk profile commensurate with industry practice. That is where our involvement may begin, but we espouse a "cradle to grave" mentality where we offer to stay engaged throughout project execution to pre-empt problems and propose work-arounds in the interest of project success. Often, the transactions may grow more complex involving an Owner and a Contractor collaborating in joint project development, or two contractors with different expertise teaming to share in project execution as a Joint Venture or a Consortium.  That's where we come in.

real estate

Purchase & Sale agreements and Real Estate closings are our bread and butter whether involving commercial or residential buildings. We also often represent lenders in mortgage transactions, title insurance and foreclosures. We help Real Estate Developers get off the ground with their projects, from structuring land purchase option agreements to engagement of architects, engineers, contraction contractors and listing brokers.

We are experts in structuring tax-deferred real estate exchange transactions under IRS Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. 

project finance

Project finance often makes the difference between a successful project and one that has no chance of getting off the ground. Our firm is versed in structuring project finance transactions that tap into equity and loan funding as well as financing available through export credit agencies such as USEXIM and governmental grants such as through USAID and USTDA.


Energy, oil & gas projects

Our specialized niche is in Energy and Oil & Gas projects, whether in the US or abroad. 

Our expertise in Power Generation projects include gas projects, coal projects, nuclear projects, as well as renewable energy projects including geothermal, solar, wind, biomass and waste. Our expertise in Oil & Gas projects include petrochemical complexes, refineries, LNG facilities, as well as licensing of proprietary technology.

international transactions

Whether you are a US business venturing overseas or a Foreign business establishing US presence, we can help structure the right transactions and business formations for you. 

US clients interested in international projects often form joint ventures or consortia with multiple foreign or country-local parties.  The right contractual structure and thorough knowledge of a country's tax and legal regimes would optimize your profits and mitigate risk and liability. We have a vast experience with teaming arrangements and with doing business in the most active international markets.  Added to that, you have our expertise in Compliance Programs, Project Finance, and Alternate Dispute Resolution processes.     

Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth of your company may depend on the appropriate merger with, or acquisition of or by, another firm. We have experience with transactions involving acquisition of technology start-up companies and merger of public companies. At the heart of a successful closure that avoids subsequent disputes is the upfront establishment of an appropriate due diligence and full disclosure process.  That is another area where we can contribute valuable legal advice.

compliance programs

Designing the right Compliance Program for your company ensures the continued health of your business and avoids traps of the unwary. We have expertise in all elements of an effective Compliance Program from establishing streamlined processes, dissemination and training, auditing and identifying systemic shortcomings, to corrective action and reporting. These programs can range from compliance with corporate ethics and applicable laws to proper email-communication practices.

We are versed in the laws that govern international business, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK anti-bribery laws, sanctions and anti-boycott laws, as well as the US Export Control Regulations and Code of Federal Regulations Part 810 governing the deemed export of nuclear-related technology.

ARBITRATION, mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms can be cost effective in getting claims and associated financial reserves speedily off your company's books. Our firm is skilled in the art of Mediation and and the practice of Arbitration, both of which require not only knowledge of the industry of the underlying dispute but also quick recognition of the unique human or corporate dynamics involved in each dispute. 

Richard Obadiah is a Panelist on the National Roster of Arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association (www.tiny.cc/Richard-ArbitrationVIDEO). 


Whether you run an engineering and construction business or a real estate operation, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. Our firm will assess the structure of your operation, and we will tailor the right risk plan, permit applications, insurance policies, and more, so you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your business.



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